Jean-Yves Thibaudet - for sharing some photographs and some of his precious time, and for permission to use clips from some of his recordings.

Maestro Richard Bonynge - for permission to use materials from his book "A Sutherland Album" and some of his recordings with Dame Joan Sutherland, and for sharing some of his precious time.

Torsten Hoffmeyer of the Leonie Sonning Music Foundation - for providing information on the Leonie Sonning Music Prize.

Karen Kriendler Nelson of KKN Enterprises - for providing timely information on the ARIA Awards.

Gaston Ormazabal - for providing information on and a photograph of Leonie Rysanek

Todd Schultz of the San Diego Opera - for permission to use photographs from the company's archives.

Jonathan Tichler of the Metropolitan Opera Press Office - for providing some photographs.

Sandy Robertson and Craddock Nguyen of the Orange County Philharmonic Society - for regular updates on OC Philharmonic events and for providing materials on Jean-Yves Thibaudet and Matthias Goerne.

Laura Grant of ML Falcone - for providing press materials on Jean-Yves Thibaudet, including photographs taken by James Minchen and Vivianne Purdom.

Raechel Alexander
of International Public Relations - Sylvie Bigar - for providing materials on Matthias Goerne.

Sonning Prizes Young Men of Music Cover Story: Thibaudet Sutherland & Bonynge Leonie Rysanek

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