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If you are new to the music of Mahler (Gustav, the better known, and his soon-to-be-as-well-known wife Alma), this CD (not to speak of the movie of which this disc contains the soundtracks) is an easy and wonderful way to be introduced. You will agree that here are snippets of some of the 20th century's greatest and most moving music. And you will soon find yourself wanting to listen with all your heart and mind to the complete works, and to learn more about the life and times of Alma Mahler - a talented composer in her own right, and the other half of turn-of-the-century Vienna's most interesting and best known couple.
The CD excerpts from three of Gustav Mahler's sublime symphonic music (from Symphony Nos. 3, 5, and 6 - performed by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Pierre Boulez and Claudio Abbado conducting) and from his Ruckert Lied No. 5; and from three of Alma Mahler's compositions (Bei dir ist es Traut, In meines vaters Garten, and Laue Sommernacht).* The songs (Lieder) are etched even more deeply in one's memory by Renée Fleming's beautiful soprano and Jean-Yves Thibaudet's virtuoso piano. This is the second collaboration between two of classical music's superstars and comes soon after the release of their first album, Night Songs. The musical themes were expertly fused together by composer Stephen Endelman who composed the movie's original music.

Thibaudet's Performance Calendar
Fleming and Thibaudet fans will be delighted to know that they not only provide some of the film's music. Bride of the Wind also marks their film debut, so to speak - they appear in performance at the end of the film, directed by award nominee and of late, opera director (LA Opera's Rigoletto and Houston Grand Opera / San Diego Opera's Cold Sassy Tree) Bruce Beresford. Sara Wynter and Jonathan Pryce play the roles of Alma and Gustav Mahler.
Fleming's Performance Calendar /
So, go get it... the CD hit the stores on June 5, 2001. Better yet, it now!!! And why not go see the movie too -- at a theater near you beginning June 8. Who knows, you may like the music so much you'll find yourself singing Mahler in your pensive moments. In the meantime, why not have a listen to some excerpts (Real Player required)....

* With You I Am At Peace, In My Father's Garden, and Balmy Summernight.

by Gustav Mahler by Alma Mahler
from the Adagietto,
Symphony # 5
from Ruckert Lied from Bei dir ist es Traut from Laue sommernacht

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