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“It can be the STORY OF MY LIFE!”
- Placido Domingo on the zarzuela Luisa Fernanda

Click on image above to watch a video of Placido Domingo’s take on “Luisa Fernanda”
At a press conference held on 29 May 2007, tenor and LA Opera General Director Plácido Domingo announced the final offering of LA Opera’s 2006-07 Season – the Company premiere of the zarzuela LUISA FERNANDA. In the above video clip Plácido Domingo goes back to his roots, explaining how zarzuela, and in particular the beautiful and most popular, Luisa Fernanda, is so intertwined with both his personal biography and his artistic development.

He takes us back to Spain, the country of his birth and where zarzuela to this day is a flourishing art form, and then on to Mexico where his parents, falling in love with the place, settled following an American tour as zarzuela singers with the company of Federico Moreno Torroba, the composer of Luisa Fernanda and other zarzuelas.

It is in Mexico where Domingo finds his first calling, as a baritone zarzuela singer (and jack-of-all-trades) in his parents’ own company – following in the footsteps of his father who, in his estimation, was the greatest Vidal Hernando (the lead baritone role in Luisa Fernanda) in his time. Of course, we all know that he eventually realizes his true calling as a tenor. And as they say, the rest is history.

In this production, tenor Domingo (who has sung and recorded the role of Javier Moreno) reverts to baritone Domingo in the role of Vidal Hernando – for understandably sentimental reasons. Need it be added that his mother was the Luisa Fernanda of her time?

But… Basta! For there’s nothing better than hearing Domingo tell his own story. So, watch and listen – and then click on….

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Music and video clips: excerpts from Luisa Fernanda, sung by Plácido Domingo in the baritone role of Vidal Hernando; from the DVD Luisa Fernanda © (courtesy LA Opera). The video is of the Teatro Real (Madrid) production with Jose Lopes Cobos as Music Director.