FanFaire Issue 2:
An excellent source of information about the life and times of Don Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva is San Diego Opera's publication: The Conquistador Sourcebook, Elizabeth A. Otte, Ed. It is a compilation of research materials assembled in connection with the world premiere of the opera by Myron Fink and Donald Moreland and includes a comprehensive bibliography, of which a sampling is given below. Click Author or Title where underscored to buy book or check on its availablity.

Georges Baudot .
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University of New Mexico, 1974.

Martin A.Cohen, Martyr: The Story of a Secret Jew and the Mexican Inquisition in the Sixteenth Century.The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia, 1973 (This is the book that inspired Myron Fink to create the "THE CONQUISTADOR".)

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