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Turkish Music, Anyone?
Turkish music specialist,
multi-instrumentalist and composer
Burhan Íšal

set out to bridge musical cultures on his first US tour with the Istanbul Oriental Ensemble. The group performed selections from their latest CD which showcases authentic Gypsy music of the Ottoman Empire
(8 p.m Friday, 9 March 2001 at the Irvine Barclay Theatre, copresented by the Philharmonic Society of Orange County).

Íšal, one of the greatest darbouka (finger drum) musicians alive today, joined by five other performers on ud (lute), qanun (zither), clarinet and violin played his instruments with amazing virtuosity and wit. In addition, he lent his expressive voice to the singing of ancient Sufi devotionals and Turkish classical chants.

It promised to be a most interesting evening and it turned out to be that and more, the artists cheered wildly by an audience that was visibly thrilled by a most enjoyable virtuoso performance. And clearly, the Turkish musicmakers accomplished what they set out to do.

Photo courtesy of the Philharmonic Society (PSOC).
CLICK HERE for PSOC's Íšal press release.

A Burhan Íšal Discography: Click below to BUY CD from


* Gypsy Rum *

* Sultan's Secret Door *

* Ottoman Garden *

Orient Secret
* = Award winner

NOTE: The Istanbul Oriental Ensemble's first recording, Gypsy Rum, won the 1995 German Record Critic's Award and was a best-seller on the world music charts. The follow up to that disc, Sultan's Secret Door, was accorded the rare honor of a second German Record Critics Award. Íšal's solo disc of Turkish classical music of the 17th century titled Ottoman Garden received the 1996 Prix Choc award. Íšal's latest project is a series of recordings devoted to Turkish folk music on the Soundways label.


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